Engaging individuals and communities by sharing the Gospel and making disciples through short-term mission trips, church planting, Bible conferences, evangelism, medical and malnutrition outreaches.


Equipping individuals, churches and communities through discipleship, leadership and vocational training, Christian education, emergency relief and access to clean water, food and medical care 


Empowering those God calls us to serve to become self-sustaining so that they can live spiritually and physically healthy lives and effect lasting change in their families and communities.


Evangelism & Discipleship

Engage Hope supports our ministry partners, churches, and pastors so they can share the gospel and make disciples by distributing Bibles and discipleship materials, planting churches, building churches, leading Bible studies, evangelizing in their communities, training pastors, and more.  Engage Hope is dedicated to ensuring all our ministry partners have the materials and training to present the Truth.  Opportunities to serve on short-term mission trips with Engage Hope in Uganda offer anyone the opportunity to serve with our ministry partners in evangelism and discipleship.  The main goal of every trip is to glorify God by sharing the gospel and making disciples of Christ.


Engage Hope’s Sponsor-a-Child program provides a unique opportunity to connect with and support a very special child.  The children in our program are orphaned, impoverished, and/or abandoned.  Sponsorship ENGAGES children spiritually, EQUIPS them with an education, and EMPOWERS them to reach their God-given potential.  We believe that child sponsorship is the key to lasting change in a child’s life, their families, and their entire community.


The mission of our ministry partners’ homes is to rescue girls and boys from the slums and streets and take them to safe homes where they are loved and cared for by Christian house parents and social workers.

African Hearts

Family Home

Hummingbird House

Transition Home

Central Baptist Church

Daughters of Zion

Restoration Home

Revival Outreach

House of Hope

House of Hope Transition Home

Christian Education

Engage Hope Partners with eight schools that provide Biblically-based education to over 3,000 children annually.


African Hearts

African Hearts Junior School

Central Baptist Church

Rays of Hope Primary School  Wakiso Senior Secondary School

Cross Healing

The Cross Healing Primary School

Good Samritan

Nambiriizi Good Samaritan School

Passion Chrisitan Ministries

Passion Christian High School

Revival Outreach

Ebenezer Christian Academy

Side by Side

Side by Side Wisdom Centre

Medical Outreach

Every year, Engage Hope sends multiple teams to Uganda to minister to the communities our ministry partners serve.  Typically, these trips include medical, vision, and/or dental clinics.  The gospel is presented at every outreach.  In the medical clinics, people are given access to HIV screening, malaria testing, blood pressure checks, wound care, and more.  Our teams take large amounts of medications, deworming pills, and antibiotics.  Doctors at the dental clinics pull teeth that are causing pain and provide antibiotics.  Several crates of eyeglasses of varying strengths are taken to the vision clinics. Using sets of graduated lenses, we get very close to the exact prescription needed for each patient.  The goal of each team is to provide physical healing that opens the door for spiritual healing that only Christ can provide.

Healing Hope Malnutrition Clinic & Outreaches

In 2015, with funding from Charles and Candace Priesst, the Healing Hope Malnutrition Clinic opened on the second floor of Care Medical Centre, run by Dr. Emma, head of Passion Christian Ministries.  Teams of doctors and nurses from the clinic travel to remote villages.  These outreaches include assessment, nutritional training, feeding, medical treatment, and always presenting the gospel.  There are typically salvations during every outreach.  Severely malnourished children are brought back to the Malnutrition Clinic and treated until they can be returned with their mothers to the village.  

Slum Ministries

Engage Hope supports slum ministries that provide thousands of free meals yearly, life-skills training, education, vocational training, pro-life counseling, and transitional housing for young boys, girls, and single mothers and their babies rescued from the slums.

African Hearts

Kisenyi Slum

Discipleship programs

Slub feeding

Transitioning boys and girls from the slum to African Hearts Transition Home for boys and Hummingbird House for girls.


Katoogo Slum

Discipleship programs

Vocational programs

Hope Shine Uganda

Soweto Slum

Discipleship programs

Pre-natal care for pregnant girls

Slum feeding

Hairdressing and sewing vocational programs