Upcoming Short-term Mission Trips

Over the past 14 years, Engage Hope has cultivated strong relationships with Ministry Partners in Uganda. Our annual mission trips are instrumental in providing direct on-site support to these valued partners.During these trips, our mission teams engage in a wide array of activities, including evangelism, discipleship training, constructing new churches, conducting malnutrition outreaches, facilitating mobile medical, dental, and vision clinics, spearheading community service projects, and ministering to women, children, and pastors.Each trip is purposefully crafted with unique goals aimed at sharing the gospel while actively serving others.


2024 Uganda Short-Term Mission Trip Schedule

Uganda Summer Trip - Womack

$ 3,800

Uganda Summer Trip - Finkelstein

$ 3,800

The first time I went to Uganda, it was to meet Promise, the first child I sponsored at African Hearts. I could never have imagined how that trip would forever change my heart. The poverty these areas, along with the lack of water, food, education and healthcare really can't be comprehended unless you experience it. Now, I go and sponsor five children, because I've seen the need and I've seen the commitment of the Engage Hope Ministry Partners such as African Hearts, Care Medical, PCA and DACA Ministries to evangelize and meet the physical needs of the Ugandan people. I'm a firm believer that Christ and education can forever change the lives of these wonderful people and these ministries are doing just that.
L. Collins
We are commanded to go. Plain and simple. When we went to Uganda for the first time, it literally changed our lives. We have been many times since, and each time God blesses us beyond measure. The people we've met have become like family to us. We speak with them often and consider our lives richer as we fellowship with our brothers and sisters in Uganda.
L. Clark

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