1907UGW Uganda Mission Trip

Jul 03, 2019 - Jul 14, 2019

Engage Hope will lead a team to Kabale to work with Revival Outreach Ministries to serve the people of their community.  We will serve with Ebenezer Christian School to provide teacher training and work in the classrooms with the students.  We will also do service projects in the community, medical clinics and door-to-door evangelism.  Our team will then go to Kampala to serve with Care Medical Ministry to serve in the malnutrition clinc, African Hearts Ministry to serve in the slum ministry and African Hearts Jr. School, and TEMO & DACAM ministries serving and evangelizing in their slum ministry. 

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Cost: $4,000.00
Location: Kabale and Kampala Uganda
Region: Uganda
Leader: Brad Womack
Trip Type: Evangelism