Pastor Frederick Kaddu Kibuuka is the Senior Pastor at Central Baptist Church, Wakiso, located in Kampala, Uganda. He was born and raised in the community where he now serves, and he has dedicated his life to helping young girls escape the streets of Uganda. Fred offers the girls a safe place to live, educates them spiritually and academically, and prepares them for a self-sustaining life.  Engage Hope partnered with Pastor Fred in 2013.  
In 2006, Pastor Fred and his brother, Dr. Sampson Sebagala, took over ownership of Wakiso Senior Secondary School and Rays of Hope Primary School (formerly Bulabakulu Primary).  The goal of both schools is to provide education to every needy child who could not afford to go to school, meaning most of the children attending pay very little, if any, school fees.  Engage Hope began sponsoring children at Wakiso Senior Secondary School in 2014 and Rays of Hope in 2017.  Sponsoring a child at either school helps provide much-needed revenue in the form of tuition and ensures that the school has enough funding to continue providing programs, clubs, and activities for the students.  Combined, the schools have over 600 students.  Engage Hope sponsors several, but many are in desperate need of support.  A donation of $40 per month for a primary student (Pre-K and Elementary) or $55 for a secondary student (High School) provides tuition, food, and minor medical care as needed for the child.  Without sponsor support of the students, the schools will not be able to continue offering low-cost education, and many children will have to drop out or never have the opportunity to begin their education.