Uganda has one of the youngest and most rapidly growing populations in the world.  Almost half of the entire population is age 14 years old or younger. There is no free public education in Uganda, which is why our Sponsor-a-Child program is so important.   

The country faces widespread deprivation in the areas of improved sanitation, access to electricity, education (completion and progression), and child malnutrition.  It is estimated that 20% of the children in Uganda are orphans.  Many of these end up on the streets where they turn to theft, prostitution, and drugs to survive. 

It is challenging to advance economically in Uganda without an education as education is the key to breaking the cycle of hopelessness and poverty.  

Engage Hope’s Sponsor-a-Child program comes alongside impoverished and abandoned children to help them break through the darkness they live in by providing spiritual guidance and education.   A sponsor’s monthly donation of $40 for a Primary student or $55 for a Secondary student includes tuition, food, and minor medical care as needed for the child.  Without support, many of these children would never be able to attend school.

Engage Hope sponsors have the opportunity to form a relationship with their sponsored child.  Sponsors receive pictures, letters, and report cards from their sponsored child and are encouraged to write and send photos in return.  Sponsors also have the opportunity to meet their child face-to-face on one of the Engage Hope short-term mission trips.  Please see the Short Term Mission Trip section on the Home page of the app for a calendar of upcoming trips. 

For as little as $40 a month, you can give HOPE to a child in need.   

It is that easy!!

Thank you for joining us as we seek to provide HOPE and a future for these precious children.   

*All sponsorships are tax-deductible.

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