Engage Hope has been building relationships with ministry partners in Uganda for almost 10 years.  We have been able to watch these ministries grow and thrive. What began as a dream for change in these young Ugandans has quickly become a respected and vital part of their communities. Each ministry has a unique mission and every day they are motivated to find new ways to impact their people and tell others about Jesus.    

Each team is able to work with several ministry partners during their trip to Uganda. We travel into the villages with doctors, translators, and ministry partners to work as the hands and feet of Jesus. Nutritional outreaches, eyeglass clinics, dental clinics, and medical clinics are ways that we can provide locals with services that they desperately need, but would otherwise never have. Through hosting women's conferences and leadership summits we are able to train up leaders to continue the good work of Jesus Christ in their communities.     

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June 18 - July 2 Paradigm, Norman Team - Lamwo/Kampala, Uganda

July 5 - 17 Kabale, Uganda

July 14 - 24 Kampala/Rakai, Uganda

December 28 - January 7, 2018 Louisiana Team