Revival Outreach Ministries, led by Pastor Margaret Bakashaba, is in the southwestern part of Uganda in beautiful Kabale.  Revival Outreach’s mission is to offer Christ’s love to orphaned, homeless, and helpless children by giving them a Christian education, shelter, food, medical care, and the Word of God. In addition, Revival Outreach sends church members out to preach the gospel in the deep villages and starts church plants to help transform communities with the Word of God.

Engage Hope began partnering with Revival Outreach in 2014.  Since that time, Engage Hope has provided funding for the following programs and projects:

House of Hope – The House of Hope is a place to call home for vulnerable children living on the street, where they are given shelter, education, love, food, clothes, medical attention, and above all, they are taught the Word of God.  Through Engage Hope, generous donors provide the monthly rent for the house.  Donors have also provided sheets, mattresses, and blankets for the children in the house.

Ebenezer Christian Academy (ECA) – Revival Outreach founded a primary school, Ebenezer Christian Academy, in 2014 that currently provides a Christian education for 550 children.  
Generous supporters of Engage Hope and Revival Outreach donated funding for the following projects and programs for Ebenezer Christian Academy:

• purchased land for the permanent school building 
• purchased and installed a 1,000-gallon water tank
• constructed a new kitchen
• constructed the administration building, which included a library, medical clinic, and administration office
• drilled a new well for ECA
• constructed dormitories for Primary 7 students
• provided electricity and water for the dormitories
• provided a photocopier for Ebenezer’s teachers and staff
• built pit latrines 
• provided textbooks 
• provided monthly monetary support to purchase thread for weaving school uniforms
• provide monetary support to help feed all the children attending the academy
• provide monthly financial support to Ebenezer Christian Academy teachers
• Engage Hope raised funds to construct a permanent school building for Ebenezer Christian Academy.

Engage Hope also offers assistance through the following initiatives:

Sponsor-a-Child – Through Engage Hope, generous individuals from the United States sponsor children in the Revival Outreach program to provide them with a Christian education, minor medical care, a daily meal, and the teaching of life skills to enable self-sufficiency.

Short-Term Mission Trips – Engage Hope leads a short-term mission trip to Revival Outreach every summer.   Team members share the gospel with students through Bible stories and arts and crafts.  Teams also provide medical, dental, and vision clinics, teacher training, discipleship training, work projects, and door-to-door evangelism. The goal of each Engage Hope trip is always to meet physical needs while sharing the gospel of Christ. 

Association of Christian Schools International (ACSI) – ACSI is an international accreditation organization that sets high standards and offers quality training and support for teachers in academics and biblical integration to increase the quality of Christian education.  Engage Hope paid for Ebenezer Christian Academy’s membership in ASCI and for the headmaster and all teachers to attend the ACSI Transformational Teacher Training.

COVID Relief Fund – To prevent the spread of COVID, the Ugandan government locked down the country, including closing schools and prohibiting public and private transportation.  Engage Hope raised funds to send to Ministry Partners to help them purchase food for families of sponsored children and other families in their ministries who were going hungry.  Also, Engage Hope partnered with Prestonwood Baptist Church to send monetary gifts to the teachers in our ministries’ schools to help the teachers who were not getting full pay during the COVID lockdown.  

Yearly Meet the Need Campaign – Every summer, Engage Hope raises funds for our ministry partners that allow them to meet the greatest needs of the students in their programs.  Ministry Partners have distributed mosquito nets, mattresses, blankets, shoes, school supplies, soap, and other necessities.  

Yearly Christmas Party – For years, Engage Hope has raised funds to give to each of our ministry partners to allow them to provide a Christmas party for the children in their programs.  The parties include a meal for the children, fun activities, and sharing the Christmas story of Jesus’ birth.  Children look forward to these parties all year long!

To sponsor a child from Revival Outreach, please click here to be redirected to their sponsor page.  To learn more about Revival Outreach, please click here to be redirected to their website.