Uganda Meet the Need Distribution

- Jun 16, 2022

We have had so much fun our first few days in Uganda!!  We started with Meet the Need distribution for Passion Christian High School students followed by the Care Medical students.  The joy we saw on the faces of all of the children was incredible.  They received wash basins (they wash themselves and their clothes in these), laundry soap, bars of soap, petroleum jelly (for dry skin), and a bag of sugar.  Some of the students received a pair of shoes and all of the older girls received a package of sanitary pads (a HUGE deal for them as these are expensive and scarce).  Everyone was so grateful to their sponsors for making this possible.  They truly look forward to this event each year now!

Engage Hope would like to again thank all our sponsors who donated to the Meet the Need campaign and our one very special sponsor who bridged the financial gap for us making it possible to provide EVERY sponsored child with a gift!!