In 2010, God called Babi Kasadha Emmanuel “Emma,” a young man fresh out of nursing school, to share the gospel with young pregnant girls considering abortion.  He counseled them to choose life for their unborn babies. He rented a small 10’x10’ space and started the Care Medical Center clinic.  In 2010, Engage Hope partnered with Emma to help him save as many of these babies as possible.  God has blessed Emma, and the ministry has grown in unbelievable ways. Care Medical Centre now falls under the umbrella of Passion Christian Ministries, including Passion Christian Assembly Church, Passion Christian High School, Healing Hope Malnutrition Clinic, the Busunju sustainability farm, and the Lake Victoria outreach program.  

Passion Christian Ministries has a powerful sponsor-a-child program.  They help primary and secondary children who attend Passion Christian Assembly, whose families cannot afford to send them to school, get connected through Engage Hope with generous sponsors who support them spiritually and financially to attend school.  A donation of $40 per month for a primary student (Pre-K through primary 7) and $55 for a secondary student (High School) provides tuition, meals at school, and minor medical care.


Care Medical was founded as a pro-life clinic in 2010. Engage Hope began partnering with Care Medical in 2011. Since that time, this ministry has expanded to include a Sponsor a Child program, Passion Christian Assembly Church, Healing Hands Nutritional Clinic, and Passion Christian High School. All of these ministries are now included under the umbrella of Passion Christian Ministries. Engage Hope donors sponsor over 200 children who attend and are involved with Passion Christian Assembly. Many od these children go to various primary schools in Kampala. There are so many students who are in desperate need of support that would allow them to start attending school or to continue their education.