Hope Shine Uganda, previously known as Teenage Mothers Outreach (TEMO) is a Christian, non-profit organization operating in Kampala’s slums. Hope Shine serves primarily girls in crisis pregnancies (teenage mothers) and women, by providing medical care, food, education and sustainable livelihood programs like vocational training programs. Hope Shine creates opportunities for vulnerable women and girls in the slums to break the cycle of poverty and THRIVE. Hope Shine believes that by empowering and inspiring these women and girls to achieve their financial freedom through entrepreneurship for income generation, they will make informed decisions and reach their full potential. 
Engage Hope began its partnership with Hope Shine in 2017.  In 2018, Engage Hope began pairing sponsors with the children of mothers in the Hope Shine program.  These sponsored children are the lucky ones.  There are so many young pregnant mothers in the program who already have children who need to attend school. A donation of $40 per month for a primary student (Pre-K and Elementary) or $55 for a secondary student (High School) provides tuition, food, and minor medical care as needed for the child.  Without support, many of the children in the Hope Shine program will never be able to attend school.