The Cross Healing Ministries is a Christian, non-governmental organization (NGO) in Uganda. Its founder, Odong George, began Cross Healing to extend hope and care to people affected by HIV/AIDS, poverty, drug abuse, domestic violence, and divorce. One of the ministries of Cross Healing is the Cross Healing Primary School.  The school is located in the district of Lamwo in far northern Uganda, just south of the South Sudanese border.  This area was devastated by the war with Joseph Koni and the Lord's Resistance Army.  Hundreds of families were displaced, and the region is poverty-stricken. There are currently over 200 students receiving a Christian education in the primary school.  Many of these children are sponsored through Engage Hope, but so many more are in desperate need of support.  A donation of $40 per month for a primary student (Pre-K and Elementary) or $55 for a secondary student (High School) provides tuition, food, and minor medical care as needed for the child.  Without support, many of the children in the Cross Healing program will never be able to attend school.