African Hearts Community Organization (African Hearts) is a Christian, non-governmental organization (NGO) operating in Uganda, East Africa. A grassroots charity, African Hearts was established in 2001 to help address the growing numbers of children and youth living on the streets of Kampala. Forced to the streets by the death of parents, family abandonment, violence, or hardship at home, street life leaves children exposed to exploitation, abuse, and extreme poverty.
In 2010, African Hearts became the first Engage Hope ministry partner in Uganda.  The Sponsor-a-Child program quickly grew, as generous sponsors in the United States began beautiful friendships with the children of African Hearts.  Today,  well over 100 children are sponsored in the African Hearts Program through Engage Hope, but so many more are in desperate need of support.  A donation of $40 per month for a Primary student (Pre-K and Elementary) or $55 for a Secondary student (High School) provides tuition, food, and minor medical care as needed for the child.  Without support, many of the children in the African Hearts program will never be able to attend school.  

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