In 2010, God called Babi Kasadha Emmanuel, “Emma,” a young man fresh out of nursing school to share the gospel with young pregnant girls considering abortion.  He counseled them to choose life for their unborn babies. He rented a small 10’x10’ space and started a clinic called Care Medical Centre.  In 2010, Engage Hope partnered with Emma to help him save as many of these babies as possible.

God has blessed Emma, and the ministry has grown in unbelievable ways. Care Medical Centre now falls under the umbrella of Passion Christian Ministries, which also includes Passion Christian Assembly Church, Passion Christian High School, Healing Hope Malnutrition Clinic, the Busunju sustainability farm, and the Lake Victoria outreach program.  

Since 2011 when Engage Hope first partnered with Emma, Engage Hope and its generous donors have been able to expand the partnership to include many different areas of the ministry.  Following are some of the programs and projects run by Passion Christian Ministries that Engage Hope has participated in to help them further their mission:

Care Medical Centre – This was the first ministry, under the Passion Christian Ministries umbrella, started by Kasadha Emma.  This ministry involves counseling young pregnant mothers to choose life for their unborn babies.  Expecting mothers are given pre and postnatal care and taught how to care for and nourish their newborns.  Engage Hope has helped financially with the following projects:

• purchased a van to use on malnutrition outreaches to return malnourished babies to the clinic with their mothers
• provided van maintenance, including replacing tires, oil changes, etc.
• donated mattresses and blankets for the babies and their mothers 
• purchased Bibles to distribute to the mothers of the malnourished children

Healing Hope Malnutrition Clinic (Malnutrition Clinic) – In 2015, in conjunction with funding from Charles and Candace Priest, the Malnutrition Clinic opened on the second floor of Care Medical Centre.  Teams of doctors and nurses, from the clinic, travel into remote villages 6-8 times per month.   These outreaches include assessment, nutritional training, feeding, medical treatment, and always the presentation of the gospel.  There are typically salvations during every outreach.  Severely malnourished children are brought back to the Malnutrition Clinic and treated until they can be returned with their mothers to the village.  Besides providing general funding for the Malnutrition Clinic, Engage Hope has raised funds for the following:

• purchased a van to use on malnutrition outreaches to return malnourished babies to the clinic with their mothers
• provided van maintenance, including replacing tires, oil changes, etc.
• donated mattresses and blankets for the babies and their mothers 
• purchased Bibles to distribute to the mothers of the malnourished children

Passion Christian High School (PCHS) – opened in 2016 to provide Christian education with academic excellence to secondary students living in Uganda.  PCHS currently has over 500 students.  Engage Hope has helped financially with the following projects:

• provided funding for the construction of Passion Christian High School
• provided salaries for teachers 
• provided desks and bunk beds for students
• purchased lightning arresters, fire extinguishers, library books, and chairs 
• dug a well to provide clean water for PCHS
• provided computers for the computer lab
• constructed and furnished the library with furniture and books
• built several expansions including dorms, a great hall used for chapel and national exams, and additional classrooms
• installed water collection tanks and a filtration system

The Busunju Sustainability Farm – Engage Hope facilitated the purchase of the farmland.  This land is used to grow food for mothers staying at the clinic, in the Malnutrition Clinic, and for students and staff at Passion Christian High School.  Growing their food helps cut the costs of feeding mothers and students dramatically.  

Lake Victoria Outreach Program – Engage Hope partnered with Joshua Expeditions in 2017 to start this outreach program to Buuvu Island in Lake Victoria.  Students from Passion Christian High School travel to the island and provide discipleship training, complete various work projects, and engage the community in door-to-door evangelism.  

Engage Hope also offers assistance to Passion Christian Ministries through the following initiatives:

* Sponsor-a-Child – through Engage Hope, generous individuals from the United States sponsor children in the Passion Christian Ministries’ program to provide them with a Christian education, minor medical care, a daily meal, and the teaching of life skills to enable self-sufficiency.

Short-Term Mission Trips – Each March Engage Hope sponsors a team of students from Prestonwood Christian Academy (PCA) on a short-term mission trip to Uganda.  Care Medical Centre and Passion Christian High School are always on their itinerary.  The PCA students visit the clinic and assist nurses feeding malnourished babies, clean the nursery, and share the gospel with mothers staying at the clinic.  Students also participate in door to door evangelism and attend malnutrition outreaches where they help screen babies, share the gospel, distribute food and medication, and interact with the families present.   

Every summer, Engage Hope leads two to three short-term mission trips to Care Medical Centre and Passion Christian High School.   Team members share the gospel with primary students attending the church Awana program through Bible stories, and arts and crafts.  Teams also provide medical, dental and vision clinics, malnutrition outreaches, teacher training, discipleship training, work projects, and door to door evangelism.  The goal of each Engage Hope trip is to share the gospel of Christ and make disciples by first meeting physical needs which opens the door to meeting spiritual needs.

Association of Christian Schools International (ACSI) – ACSI is an international accreditation organization that sets high standards and offers quality training and support for teachers in both academics and biblical integration to increase the quality of Christian education.  Engage Hope paid for Passion Christian High School’s membership in ASCI and for the headmaster and all teachers to attend the ACSI Transformational Teacher Training.

COVID Relief Fund – To prevent the spread of COVID, the Ugandan government locked down the country, including closing schools and prohibiting public and private transportation.  Engage Hope raised funds to send to Ministry Partners to help them purchase food for families of sponsored children as well as other families in their ministries who were going hungry.  Also, Engage Hope partnered with Prestonwood Baptist Church to send monetary gifts to the teachers in each of our ministries’ schools to help the teachers who were not getting full pay during the COVID lockdown.  

Yearly Meet the Need Campaign – Every summer, Engage Hope raises funds for our ministry partners that allow them to meet the greatest needs of the students in their programs.  Ministry Partners have distributed mosquito nets, mattresses, blankets, shoes, school supplies, soap, and many other necessities.  

Yearly Christmas Party – For years, Engage Hope has raised funds to give to each of our ministry partners to allow them to provide a Christmas party for the children in their programs.  The parties include a meal for the children, fun activities, and sharing the Christmas story of Jesus’ birth.  Children look forward to these parties all year long!

* Engage Hope sends ninety percent of your sponsor donation directly to a ministry partner who works directly with your child. All child sponsor donations are sent together, either monthly or quarterly, to that ministry partner. The ministry partner uses the donations to cover its operating expenses and expenses associated with sponsored children. The ministry partner does not track the expenses on a child-by-child basis but assures that each sponsored child can go to school, receive adequate nutrition, and receive basic medical care and a uniform if the sponsor has donated funds for uniforms.