Engage Hope organizes 7-10 short-term mission trips each year to Uganda and Mexico to provide on-site support to our Ministry Partners. The mission teams serve our Ministry Partners through evangelism, discipleship training, new church construction projects, malnutrition outreaches, mobile medical, dental and vision clinics, community service projects, women and children’s ministries, and pastor training. Each trip has a unique purpose and goal to share the gospel while serving others.  Following are some of the outreach activities that trip members get to experience:

Evangelism and Church Planting

  • Church Construction in Chiapas, Mexico
  • Multiple evangelistic crusades across Uganda
  • Pastors’/Leaders’ conferences in both Uganda and Mexico
  • Slum ministry and outreach in Uganda and Chiapas

Medical Outreach

Each year our mission trip teams, working alongside Ugandan medical and dental teams, to serve thousands of people in Uganda.  In addition, trip team members go out with staff from the Healing Hope Malnutrition Clinic to remote villages to assess children for malnutrition. The children that are dangerously malnourished are transported back to the Healing Hope Malnutrition Clinic in Kampala, along with their mothers, to be nursed back to health and then returned to their villages. During these outreaches, the gospel is always presented, along with food, treatment, and training in proper nutrition. 


Engage Hope now supports eight local schools across Uganda and one orphanage in Mexico to provide a biblically-based education to over 3,000 students. Our Sponsor-a-Child program directly funds approximately 800 of these students.  Trip team members visit many of the schools we support and interact with students.  They share the gospel with the children through Bible stories and arts and crafts.  

 The goal of each Engage Hope trip is to share the gospel of Christ and make disciples by first meeting physical needs which opens the door to meeting spiritual needs.