Engage Hope is a nonprofit Christian ministry dedicated to transforming lives and communities through the power of God’s love in Uganda, Mexico, and around the world. Based in Plano, Texas, Engage Hope was founded in 2010 after a mission trip to Uganda ignited a passion and calling for a vulnerable population devastated by war and the AIDS epidemic. Millions of children were left orphaned, destitute, and struggling to survive with no hope for the future. Engage Hope was created to serve the people of this country and transform lives and communities for Christ. Over the past ten years, our ministry has grown in scope to serve regions throughout Uganda and Mexico.  

Engage Hope partners with Christian churches, schools, orphanages, and other outreach ministries who are making a difference for Christ in their communities. We currently work with ten Ministry Partners in Uganda and one in Mexico to help provide Christian education, clean water, food, housing, malnutrition treatment, medical care, and vocational training to meet the physical and spiritual needs of impoverished children and families in their communities. We believe that meeting the physical needs of those we serve opens the door to minister to them spiritually. Every program or ministry we support – every resource God provides is used for one purpose – to earn the right to share the gospel in that community and make disciples for Jesus Christ. 


Short-Term Mission Trips: Engage Hope organizes 7-10 short-term mission trips each year to Uganda and Mexico to provide on-site support to our Ministry Partners. The mission teams serve our Ministry Partners through evangelism, discipleship training, new church construction projects, malnutrition outreaches, mobile medical, dental and vision clinics, community service projects, women and children’s ministries, and pastor training. Each trip has a unique purpose and goal to share the gospel while serving others. 

Sponsor-a-Child (SAC) Program:  Our Sponsor-a-Child (SAC) Program was created in 2012 to come alongside Ugandan children living in extreme poverty and in desperate need of education and spiritual development to help them break chains of poverty and spiritual darkness. The SAC Program connects children with generous U.S. sponsors who donate monthly to provide a Christian education, daily meal, minor medical care, and life skills training. Since 2012, thousands of children have been given the hope of a future without poverty through our Sponsor-a-Child Program. We currently have almost 800 children enrolled in the program, but there are still hundreds of children in need of a sponsor. Monthly sponsorships are $40 for a primary student and $55 for a secondary student. Even if you cannot commit to a monthly sponsorship, a one-time donation to our gap fund will keep a child in school who has lost their sponsor, support the schools, pay teacher salaries, provide food, or purchase textbooks. 

Financial Support: Engage Hope provides financial support to our Ministry Partners in two ways:
   • Financial aid for urgent needs in times of unexpected crises: e.g., COVID-19 food relief, medical supplies for malaria outbreaks, relocating families due to severe flooding, and Bible distribution to remote areas in need of the gospel.
   • Designated funding for specific projects and programs: e.g., wells to provide clean water,  school construction/improvement projects to provide a Kingdom education, basic needs for children and families living in the slums, new church construction projects, malnutrition outreaches, and food/supplies for the Casa Hogar Orphanage in Mexico.


Christian Education: Providing a Christian education is a major focus for Engage Hope and our Ministry Partners. We work with eight schools in Uganda and one orphanage in Mexico to provide a biblically based education to over 3,000 children. 
   • We provide ongoing support for these schools through our Sponsor-a-Child Program and financial assistance as needed for new school construction, school improvements, books, equipment, and teacher salary support.
   • The Valasek Christian Leadership Award was started in 2018 to recognize and reward the top graduates in each primary 7 class and to provide a scholarship for their next year at secondary school. To be eligible for the award, students are required to be in the top 10% of their class, an Engage Hope sponsored child, and a spiritual leader with a track record of serving others and sharing their faith. 
   • In 2019, Engage Hope paid for our partner schools in Uganda to be affiliated with the Association of Christian Schools International (ACSI). ACSI is an international accreditation organization that provides quality training and support for teachers in academics and biblical integration. We believe that Kingdom education and biblical integration are essential to the spiritual development of the children we serve.  
   • The Stacy Nabasny Education Endowment was established in 2019 to provide scholarships for Engage Hope sponsored students to continue their education in university or vocational school.
Slum Ministries: We work with three Ministry Partners who do extensive work meeting the physical and spiritual needs of children and families trapped in the slums of Uganda. The slum ministries we support provide thousands of free meals each year, life-skills training, education, vocational training, pro-life counseling, and transitional housing for young boys, girls, and single mothers and their babies rescued from the slums.

Malnutrition Treatment:  We support Passion Christian Ministries in Kampala, Uganda, which operates the Healing Hope Malnutrition Clinic. Teams are sent weekly to remote villages to assess children for malnutrition. The children that are dangerously malnourished are transported back to the clinic in Kampala, along with their mothers, to be nursed back to health and then returned to their villages. During these outreaches, the gospel is always presented, along with food, treatment, and training in proper nutrition. 

Church Planting and Discipleship:  Engage Hope is called to share the gospel and develop disciples of Jesus Christ. The problem in Uganda and Mexico, as in most undeveloped countries, is the lack of resources. Many people do not have Bibles, let alone access to strong biblical teaching. We are dedicated to making sure that all of our Ministry Partners are equipped with the materials and training to present the Truth. We work with churches in Uganda and Mexico to help build new churches, plant house churches, distribute Bibles and discipleship materials and provide leadership training for pastors. One of our primary focus areas in Mexico has been building new churches in remote areas. Since 2013, Engage Hope has partnered with Pogue Family Missions and Prestonwood Baptist Church to build three new churches each year in unreached regions of Chiapas, Mexico.