Engage Hope is a 501(c)(3) organization committed to financial accountability with our donors and participants.

Your donations make a difference every day in the lives of the ministries and families we serve.  We know that you have many choices about where to invest your Kingdom dollars.  We take your generosity seriously because we know you want your contribution to have the most significant impact.  Our goals are the same.  

The majority of our funding equips, educates, and empowers the ministries we serve.

When you designate a gift to a specific initiative or child, if the donation is via credit card, 95% goes directly to the initiative selected.  If you donate by check, 100% goes to the chosen initiative.  For all Sponsor-a-Child donations, 85% goes to the child whether given by check or credit card.  The remaining funds underwrite the general administrative and operating costs of the ministry as well as helping Ministry Partners in emergencies.  Three of our staff are paid part-time, with only one full time paid employee.  Staff members are on the ground in Uganda and Mexico several times each year.  

Your confidence in our work is critical to us. We view you as partners.  We’ve established stringent accounting and financial reporting policies, procedures, and accountability standards to ensure your gifts have the maximum impact.

Your sponsorship contributions and designated donations are pooled and transferred directly to our Ministry Partners.  We have a Ugandan CPA on staff who provides us with monthly reporting on how each dollar sent is used.  If a Ministry Partner does not adhere to our accountability standards, we will withhold all payments to them.  

Ken Stephens, Engage Hope President, and other staff members visit Ministry Partners frequently to perform detailed reviews of facilities and operations.  Our tax return is available on the Engage Hope App and Website.  Also, if any donor has any question about how any money is spent, we are an open book.  Simply let us know if you have a question or concern.