Chiapas is the southern-most state in Mexico and borders Guatemala.  It is a beautiful, mountainous region that is populated mostly by indigenous Indian tribes descended from the Mayan empire.  These tribes have their own language and culture and many of them remain unreached today.

For the past five years, Engage Hope has been partnering with Mexico Ministries to build churches for local pastors that are planting churches and evangelizing this region.  Our work in this area has expanded to include children's ministry, women's conferences and outreach into a slum area outside of Tuxtla, the largest city in the region.

In 2018 we are excited to continue to build more churches and send teams to this area but we are also looking forward to expanding the ministry to a new area on the border of Oaxaca and Veracruz.  This new project is going to include a new dormitory and 'home base' for teams supporting this region.  Also we are praying that God will provide funds to add an 'in-country' coordinator that will be dedicated to supporting and growing this region for Christ.

You can help us support this new initiative by making a donation here.  OR...if you are interested in joining one of our teams or would like more information on these trips, please click here.