At Engage Hope, every resource that God provides us with is used for one single goal,  fulfilling the Great Commission.  Whether our outreach is medical, educational or humanitarian in nature, it is designed to meet a material need so that we earn the right to share the gospel in that community and make disciples for Jesus Christ.  Following are some of our general outreach activities.  To get more specific information, please click on the Ministry Partner in the Navigation bar on the right side of this page.

Evangelism and Church Planting

  • Planting house churches in South Asia
  • Church Construction in Chiapas, Mexico
  • Multiple evangelistic crusades across Uganda
  • Pastors’/Leaders’ conferences in both Uganda and South Asia
  • Slum ministry and outreach in Uganda and Chiapas

Medical Outreach

Each year our medical and dental teams serve thousands of patients in Uganda.  God has expanded our ability to reach malnourished children in rural villages through the Healing Hope Nutritional Clinic in Nansana.   The gospel is shared with each family that is served and hundreds have come to Christ through this outreach.


With the opening of Passion Christian Secondary School this last year, Engage Hope now supports eight local schools across Uganda with a total enrollment of over 2,000 students.  Our Sponsor-a-Child program directly funds nearly 800 students.  Through our partnership with Prestonwood Christian Academy, we are providing Christian educational training to teachers and leaders at each of these schools.