Fahad is an orphan.  His mother dropped him off at a hospital when he was 2 months old for immunizations and never returned.  The health workers took Fahad to the police.  The police could not determine who the mother or father of the baby was and started looking for a volunteer who would take him in.  An old widow came forward and has been taking care of Fahad since then.  Pastor Brenda met the widow and Fahad when she was deep in the village on a crusade.  The widow explained Fahad's story to Pastor Brenda and told her that she could no longer pay for Fahad to attend school.  Pastor Brenda was so touched she took Fahad back to school with her.  Fahad now stays at school during the term and with Pastor Brenda during holiday.  '

Fahad is a very polite and honest young man.  He is goal keeper of the soccer team and a member of the choir.

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