In 2017 Dorcus' father, Pastor Pius, passed away.  After a time of terrible grief, Dorcus' mother, Pastor Brenda, took over the ministries of Side by Side Church and Side by Side Wisdom Centre.  At the time of Pastor Pius' death, Pius and Brenda had taken guardianship of over 20 children who were orphaned by AIDS or abandoned by their parents.  Pastor Brenda continues to care for all of this children, and her own, the best she can, but there is no money for education.  Dorcus was able to attend Side by Side Wisdom Center for primary school, but she will not be able to start her secondary education without support.  

Dorcus enjoys studying english, science and religious education, and speaks both Lugandan and English.  She loves playing soccer and reading the Bible.  If she gets to continue her education, she would like to study to be a doctor.

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