Pastor Frederick Kaddu Kibuuka is the Senior Pastor at Central Baptist Church, Wakiso, located in Kampala, Uganda. The mission of Central Baptist Church is “to draw people to Christ through Christ-like acts of kindness and service and to help people live overcoming and victorious Christian lives – making disciples.”  This mission sums up the life of Pastor Fred. He was born and raised in the community where he now serves, and he has dedicated his life to helping young girls escape the streets of Uganda by giving them a safe place to live, educating them spiritually and academically, and preparing them for a self-sufficient life.   Engage Hope partnered with Pastor Fred in 2013.  Since that time, Engage Hope and its generous donors have provided funding for the following projects and programs run by Pastor Fred:

Pastor Training – Pastor Fred coordinates and leads twice-monthly pastor training for pastors and staff.  Engage Hope provides funding for the training.

Wakiso Senior Secondary School and Wakiso Rays of Hope Primary School are Christian schools founded in response to the desperate need of the many orphaned children in the region.  Many of the students attending these schools do so on scholarships provided by the school and pay very little for their education.  The school provides students with employment, such as helping with school construction and repair during the holidays or cleaning classrooms, which helps students pay for their school fees.  No student is turned away due to inadequate finances.  The schools offer a safe and conducive learning environment for many children in the Wakiso Township, surrounding villages, and beyond.  Engage Hope funds the salaries of six qualified teachers and has provided equipment for the chemistry lab at the Senior School and testing desks.  As part of the funding for the chemistry lab, a water collection system was installed to enable water to be pumped into the lab.

The Girls Restoration Home (pictured above) is a house that accommodates 50 girls from ages 11 to 16.  Pastor Fred sends teams out across Uganda looking for girls to rescue.  Young girls are brought to the home, fed physically and spiritually, clothed, educated, and given a chance at life they would otherwise have never had.  One of the first girls taken in by Pastor Fred now runs the home.  They have started an Ebenezer Project by teaching the girls to make jewelry in hopes of selling it to fund any needs.  Engage Hope provides money for the girl’s medical expenses and clothing. 

Engage Hope also assists Pastor Fred through the following initiatives:

Sponsor-a-Child – Through Engage Hope, generous individuals from the United States sponsor children in the Wakiso program to provide them with a Christian education, minor medical care, a daily meal, and the teaching of life skills to enable self-sufficiency.

Short-Term Mission Trips – Every year, Engage Hope sponsors two to three short-term mission trips to Wakiso Senior Secondary School, Rays of Hope, and the Restoration Home.   Team members share the gospel with students through Bible stories and arts and crafts.  Teams also provide medical, dental, and vision clinics, teacher training, discipleship training, work projects, door-to-door evangelism, purity talks, and sanitary pad distribution.  The goal of each Engage Hope trip is to share the gospel of Christ and make disciples by first meeting physical needs, which opens the door to meeting spiritual needs.

For several years, Engage Hope sponsored a team of Prestonwood Christian Academy (PCA) students on a short-term mission trip to Uganda.  The PCA students visited the Wakiso Senior Secondary School and the Rays of Hope Primary School.  At Rays of Hope, students shared the gospel with the children through Bible stories and arts and crafts.  Wakiso Senior students went as translators with the PCA students to the Village of Hope in Kyerima, where they shared the gospel door-to-door.  Teams on this trip also provided dental and vision clinics, purity talks, and distributed sanitary pads.

Association of Christian Schools International (ACSI) – ACSI is an international accreditation organization that sets high standards and offers quality training and support for teachers in academics and biblical integration to increase the quality of Christian education.  Engage Hope paid for Wakiso Senior Secondary and Rays of Hope’s membership in ASCI and for the headmaster and all teachers to attend the ACSI Transformational Teacher Training.

COVID Relief Fund – To prevent the spread of COVID, the Ugandan government locked down the country, including closing schools and prohibiting public and private transportation.  Engage Hope raised funds to send to Ministry Partners to help them purchase food for families of sponsored children and other families in their ministries who were going hungry.  Also, Engage Hope partnered with Prestonwood Baptist Church to send monetary gifts to the teachers in our ministries’ schools to help the teachers who were not getting full pay during the COVID lockdown. 

Yearly Meet the Need Campaign – Every summer, Engage Hope raises funds for our ministry partners that allow them to meet the greatest needs of the students in their programs.  Ministry Partners have distributed mosquito nets, mattresses, blankets, shoes, school supplies, soap, and other necessities.  

Yearly Christmas Party – For years, Engage Hope has raised funds to give to each of our ministry partners to allow them to provide a Christmas party for the children in their programs.  The parties include a meal for the children, fun activities, and sharing the Christmas story of Jesus’ birth.  Children look forward to these parties all year long!

If you would like to sponsor a child from the Rays of Hope Primary School, please click here.