Why Sponsor A Child?

They Need You!

Uganda has one of the world's youngest and fastest-growing populations, with almost half of its people being 14 years old or younger. Engage Hope’s Sponsor-a-Child program offers a unique opportunity to support a child in need. Many children in our program are orphaned, impoverished, or abandoned, and their families are eager to break the cycle of poverty that has plagued them for generations. By partnering with sponsors from the U.S. and abroad, we provide these vulnerable children with Christian education, food, and medical care. Without this support, they risk ending up in slums, on the streets, hungry, and uneducated. Sponsoring a child creates a lifelong connection and becomes a source of hope. We believe that child sponsorship is key to making lasting changes in a child's life, their family, and their community.



Engage Hope's Sponsor-a-Child program is designed to give HOPE and support to children who are living in impoverished conditions. Being sponsored gives a child the chance to break the cycle of poverty and have hope for a successful future.

Because there is no free education in Uganda, most families cannot afford to send their children to school.  Sponsored children can attend school without worrying about getting “chased away” due to lack of money for tuition.

Part of each child’s tuition goes towards any minor medical care the child may need while attending school.

Attending school guarantees a child one good meal each day. Many times, this may be their only meal!

After school, a sponsor can choose to continue supporting the child, allowing them to pursue further education through university or attend vocational school. This ongoing support helps the child acquire life skills that will enable them to sustain themselves and thrive.


Child sponsorship brings you the joy of seeing a life transformed spiritually and academically with the result of empowering a child to reach their God-given potential and make lasting changes in their communities.

Sponsors receive letters from their sponsored child and are encouraged to write and send photos in return.  The children thrive on feeling loved and known by someone across the globe.

 Sponsors will receive handwritten letters and even drawings from their child throughout the year.  

Sponsors receive a yearly photo of their sponsored child to watch them mature and grow.

Engage Hope offers several trips to Uganda annually to allow sponsors to meet your child in person.  We promise you will not return unchanged!

Child Sponsorship Works!

Our partners at African Hearts said it best, "Sponsorship is more than just educating a child. It builds self-assurance, personal aspirations, self-esteem, and leadership qualities. Much-documented evidence shows that correspondence with sponsors elevates the students' academic results even further."


Sponsored children are up to 40% more likely to finish secondary school and up to 80% to graduate college. - Journal of Political Economy


Sponsored Children are up to 18% more likely to find jobs and lift themselves and their families out of desperate cycles of disease and poverty. - Journal of Political Economy


Children lifted from poverty by the generosity of sponsors are up to 70% more likely to become leaders in their churches and communities. - Journal of Political Economy

Make Your Connection!

Engage Hope has 8 Ministry Partners dedicated to providing a Christian education to impoverished children.


African Hearts Community Organization (African Hearts) is a Christian, non-governmental organization (NGO) operating in Uganda, East Africa. African Hearts was established in 2001 to help address the growing numbers of children and youth forced to the streets of Kampala by the death of parents, family abandonment, violence, or hardship at home. Street life leaves children exposed to exploitation, abuse, and extreme poverty.

Central Baptist Church Wakiso

Rays of Hope Primary School, a ministry of Central Baptist, is a school for needy students whose families cannot pay any school fees. These students depend entirely on the school for all their education needs. Their families cannot raise enough money to buy a book for their children to attend school. They are living in horrible situations, with acute poverty and hunger. The children at Rays of Hope need your help!


The Cross Healing Primary School is located in the district of Lamwo in far northern Uganda, just south of the South Sudanese border. This area was devastated by the war with Joseph Koni and the Lord's Resistance Army. Hundreds of families were displaced, and the region is poverty-stricken. Many families in this area are desperate to send their children to school but have no means to pay the required school fees.


Nambiriizi Good Samaritan Christian School is in the Kyotera district of Uganda. The area is one of the most remote and impoverished areas in Uganda. Sometimes, the school cannot be reached by vehicle because the roads become impassable with even small amounts of rain. Thousands of children in the area were orphaned during the war and the HIV epidemic. These children are provided with a Christian education and taught critical vocational skills.


Passion Christian Ministries include a Sponsor a Child program, Passion Christian Assembly Church, Healing Hope Malnutritional Clinic, and Passion Christian High School. Children in the Passion Christian program go to various primary schools, Passion Christian High School, and Universities throughout Kampala. We are currently not adding new sponsored children at this time.


Revival Outreach's mission is to offer Christ's love to orphaned, homeless, and helpless children by giving them a Christian education, shelter, food, medical care, and the Word of God. Ebenezer Christian Academy was founded in 2014 by the late Pastor Johnson Bakashaba. ECA serves over 550 students, many of whom do not pay school fees. The future of these children is uncertain, as they will not be able to continue attending school without support.


Side by Side Ministries is in Bethlehem in the Kyotera District of Uganda. War and the HIV epidemic devastated this region and left thousands of children orphaned and destitute. Pastor Ntale Pius was the founder of Side by Side Ministries. Tragically, Pastor Pius passed away in March of 2017, leaving his wife, Ntale Brenda, and two daughters, Ntale Jemimah and Namuyomba Jane, to run the thriving ministry. This very remote ministry seeks to help the poorest of the poor. Children in their community need You!