Sponsor A Child

Give a child hope for a brighter future by becoming a sponsor.

Our Mission

To glorify God by sharing the gospel and making disciples of Jesus Christ through partnerships with Christian ministries in the countries we serve and through short-term mission trips that demonstrate the love of Christ through evangelistic, medical, and educational outreaches.

Our Impact

 Over our 10-plus years, Engage Hope ministered to over 445,000 people through our mission trips and programs.  Our focus areas included church planting and discipleship, Christian education, and community outreach.
People served through evangelism outreaches
Children given a Christian education
Meals provided for hunger relief

Our Children

How We Help

We partner with Christian churches, schools, orphanages, and other outreach ministries in Uganda to help meet impoverished children and families’ physical and spiritual needs. We believe that meeting the physical needs of those God calls us to serve opens the door to ministering to them spiritually. This is how lives are changed for eternity and why Engage Hope exists. We currently work with ten ministry partners in Uganda to reach thousands of people each year through short-term mission trips, church planting and discipleship, slum ministry outreach, and providing Christian education and emergency relief in times of crisis.


Short-term mission trips

Engage Hope organizes short-term mission trips each year to Uganda to provide on-site support to our Ministry Partners. The mission teams serve our Ministry Partners through evangelism, discipleship training, malnutrition outreaches, mobile medical, dental, and vision clinics, women and children’s ministries, and pastor training. Each trip has a unique purpose and goal to share the gospel while serving others.

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Sponsor-a-Child Program

Our Sponsor-a-Child (SAC) Program was created in 2012 to come alongside Ugandan children living in extreme poverty and desperate for education and spiritual development. The SAC Program connects children with generous U.S. sponsors who donate monthly to provide Christian education, daily meals, minor medical care, and life skills training. We currently have almost 800 children enrolled in the program, but hundreds of children still need a sponsor.


Ministry partner Financial Assistance

Engage Hope provides financial support to our Ministry Partners in two ways. First, we provide financial aid for urgent needs during unexpected crises, e.g., COVID-19 food relief and relocating families due to severe flooding. Second, we provide designated funding for specific projects and programs, e.g., wells, for clean water and school construction/improvement projects.


Engaging individuals and communities by sharing the Gospel and making disciples through short-term mission trips, church planting, Bible conferences, evangelism, medical and malnutrition outreaches.


Equipping individuals, churches, and communities through discipleship, leadership training, Christian education, emergency relief, and access to clean water, food, and medical care 


Empowering those God calls us to serve to become self-sustaining so that they can live spiritually and physically healthy lives and effect lasting change in their families and communities.

Why do typical Mother’s Day presents feel fleeting and shallow, whereas a mother’s love is enduring, selfless, and profound? While any gesture of appreciation and love from you will surely touch Mom’s heart, imagine gifts that could convey and amplify the boundless love she gives. Honor the mothers in your life by sharing their profound love with a child living in poverty. Sponsor a Child today!